stephen center

The Stephen Center partners with the community, families and individuals to overcome homelessness, addiction and poverty. It is located at 2723 Q Street in Omaha.

As the area's only dry shelter, sobriety and a drug-free environment, the center is open on an emergency basis from a few nights to two weeks or longer depending upon the situation. The emergency shelter provides a gateway to a variety of supportive services, including the opportunity to enroll in the Stephen Center HERO Substance Abuse Treatment Program or Transitional Living opportunities.

The emergency shelter can house as many as 20-25 children and their mothers as well as up to 40 single men and 20 single women. Each person is treated with dignity and respect - hallmarks of this program. Stephen Center staff and volunteers work with each person individually to develop and implement a successful plan to emerge from homelessness and regain a healthy, happy lifestyle. Meals are served seven days a week to those staying at the Stephen Center. The center is staffed 24 hours a day, including overnight hours when volunteers are typically in charge.

We, at St. Joseph's, have for the past several years volunteered one night a month (the 3rd Monday) by preparing and serving an evening home-cooked meal at the Stephen Center.

We could use more volunteers who would be willing to help provide these homeless people a nutritious meal. It is a gratifying experience to help those in need with something so basic as a healthy, home-cooked dinner. We sometimes take things for granted, and after lending a hand with this kind gesture, we can count our blessings many times over.

Please call either Carol Rath 331-9010, or Gayle Hughes 253-2919, for more information or to volunteer.

Jesus said, "What you do to the least of your brothers, that you do unto me."

Please sign up to help those less fortunate than yourself. Thank you so much!!!!