"In service to one, in service to all."

In 1882, Father Michael McGivney founded the Knights of Columbus. The organization started in response to the secret societies of the time. The Knights of Columbus was named after Christopher Columbus for his discovery of the New World and devout allegiance to Catholicism, and it succeeded in uniting Catholic men in a common goal of community and service to the church.

The Knights of Columbus operates on four principles: charity, unity, fraternity and patriotism. Above all else, members value charity as demonstrated by their loving and compassionate assistance to those in need. Through unity, they recognize that there is strength in numbers to accomplish more together than they can achieve individually. The third principle of fraternity stems from the original intent of the organization to care for widows and children after the untimely death of the head of the household. The Knights continue to band together to help families and provide the security of life insurance to members of the Order. Lastly, the Knights of Columbus believe in patriotism. They are proud of their devotion to God and country and stand firm in their service to both.

The Knights of Columbus at St. Joseph’s is an exceptionally active group. They host an annual fish fry for the community and partner with the Ladies’ Guild to organize funeral dinners and other events. The Knights sponsor the Farm Team Catholic Night and Storm Chasers every year at the ballpark, and they also run the food booth at the fair each summer.