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St. Joseph Catholic Community is a parish family united by a common faith whose mission is: to proclaim and live the Good News of Jesus; to worship God according to the Catholic tradition; to be a welcoming, loving community; to serve the educational and social needs of the community; to reach out to all, especially the poor, the disenfranchised and the most vulnerable of the world - to bring all people to Jesus Christ.

Wednesday, Sept. 22, RE. 6:15 p.m.

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Deacon Terry will be offering a “Look and See” program this fall for any and all who wish to consider entering into full union within the Catholic Church. It will be a 2 hour presentation as to what the steps and program consists of for those who wish to investigate the possibility of joining the Church formally. If you’re not Catholic and been attending Mass or have a loved one who is not Catholic invite them to consider attending this session…date and time to be determined. We’d encourage you to come along as well and if they decide to continue on you could act as their sponsor.  There is no pressure to attend the follow up RCIA sessions but simply an open invitation to “Come and See” what the Church has to offer. Contact Deacon Terry Ficenec with questions or to register at 402-677-5643.

There are currently no restrictions. If you have any questions, please contact parish secretary.

We are back to 9 a.m. and 5pm mass on Sundays.


If you need to reach the church secretary, (Sharon VanTassell) the email address has changed. Please email us secretary68059@gmail.com


For the sick: Kathy Ewing, Sally Leyden, Jerry Martin, Wes Erhart, Christina Gonzalez, Marjorie Bauman, Frank Riha, Margaret Wilson, Paul Nitsick.

*Please let us know if a person needs to be removed from our Prayer List.


All are welcome to join the St. Joseph’s prayer chain to offer intercessory prayers for those in need. To sign up there are two options to consider. If you would prefer to be notified via phone call, please contact Dorothy Foged at 402-253-2633 to be added. If you would prefer to be notified via text message, please text Julie Richards and type your name and “add to prayer chain” or call 402-881-2407 to be added.

The Springfield Blue Jeans and Boots 4-H Club has collected over 58,000 tabs for The Ronald McDonald House Charities.  That's over 30 pounds of pop tabs.  Thank you all for your tabs and will continue our collecting efforts!  Our goal is to make the 1 million tab list!

To all parishioners, your assistance is needed as a rosary leader, either as an individual or group, before Mass. This would be for either one Saturday or Sunday during the month of May. The Signup sheet is located on the credenza in the back of church.